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Happy Almost-Friday! Today was my day off and it was filled with bathroom cleaning, lawn mowing and garden weeding. I think I have now earned an hour of two of fun writing! πŸ™‚

Like most people, I get my best thinking time in when my hands are working. So while I was dumping the grass clippings, I had an idea. I’ve seen other people write posts in letter form, addressed to random recipients like “the dog down my street that always barks at me” or “the boy in the grocery store who smiled at me last night” or “the grandmother I never met”. I’ve got a letter I’ve been dying to send, but as it would be a little socially unacceptable, I’ll post it here!

“Dear Discourager,

I want to thank you. No, really, I do. Nothing in life is easy, and I need training and conditioning if I’m going to get anywhere. I am thankful for every ‘We’ll see about that’ and ‘Well, good luck with that’. Each wary glance is of unspeakable value to me, you must understand. The best gift you could ever give me is to tell me I can’t do something -though you do get the worse side of the deal. One word from you and that small goal of mine instantly grows into a life-sized punching bag with your face stamped on it. Every jab and uppercut means so much more because of you, you are the key to my success.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It’s a long road to the top, and you gave me my vehicle. I will be sure to remember you when I’ve reached the top, and believe me: I’ll make sure that you remember me.

Love, Margaret”

What do you think? Who would you like to thank but just haven’t gotten the chance to?