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I’ve noticed that I naturally gravitate toward writing depressing, death related stories, and if they have anything to do with love, it’s a lost love. But today the sun is shining and I’ve got my family around me for the holiday weekend, and I’m not feeling like writing about death. So I gave myself a challenge: to write a short prompt that includes love and no death, sadness, or overall depressing content. Let me tell you, it was hard. Writing happy stories is to me something akin to pulling teeth with no Novacaine. But I’m all for challenging myself, so here it is:

He leaned in, looking her in the eye, and she felt her hands begin to shake. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to him to kiss her, but it also scared her out of her skin. She averted her eyes, hoping he would be deterred if she acted uninterested, but deterred, he was not. In fact, it only served to draw more of his attention, if that was possible. He chuckled quietly and placed his hand on her shoulder, drawing her toward him slightly. He could sense her nervousness as distinctly as if it were a physical object sitting next to him.

He didn’t understand how someone could be so anxious. He had kissed enough girls to know that it wasn’t something to get so worked up about. But here she was, fidgeting as if she was about to jump off a bridge. He didn’t expect this kiss to be any different than any other.

“Well,” he thought to himself. “She’s got to make the jump someday.” And so, as gently as he could, he took her face in his hands, and he kissed her with all of the lightness he possessed.

He felt a change going through her and he wished more than anything that he could know what she was thinking. He wanted to know what she felt.


Electricity. That’s what she felt. It was like the air was full of little beams of light and she was breathing it in. Her lungs soaked it up and it was entering her bloodstream, both numbing her and bringing life.

She had heard what a first kiss was like; tense, nerve wracking, terrifying, but after the initial plunge, it hadn’t been any of those things. She couldn’t put her finger on the change that had occurred in her, it was so intangible. Her soul was no longer the same, she felt it. She could’ve sworn she’d felt the earth shift on its axis and she could think of only one word to put on it: euphoria. No longer was her soul alone in the world, she had found its match and with it had come a new sense of vision.

How could she have lived all this time, seeing the world how she did? She looked around her; the trees had never looked so alive, the sky so vast. She looked over at him, wondering how one person could have such power over her senses.

But he wasn’t looking at her. He was in a trance, because just as her world had begun with that first kiss, his every view of love, life, emotion –everything had abruptly changed. His life as he knew it would never be the same. Just as she was transformed, her view of love blossoming, he felt his convictions conversely melting. He had thought himself so world-worn, but everything he thought he knew had suddenly crashed to the ground. As her life had begun, his had ended.