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Today I was looking over my first and second posts of the year and it struck me that they both seemed so stiff. That’s a problem because I’m not a stiff person, but you wouldn’t know it from reading my blog.

Because really, a bunch of talk about outlines is fine coming from someone you know about, but from a boring stranger, it gets snooze-worthy pretty quickly.

So today I’m going back in time and playing a little game that we played when I was in first grade. It’s called “All About Me” and first I will tell you about myself, and then you all have to tell me about yourselves in return. Feels kind of selfish to talk so much about me, but when duty calls, duty calls. 🙂

Fact #1. One of my dreams is to own a wedding chapel in the only cluster of trees as far as the eye can see, on a prairie in the middle of nowhere.. I can spend hours looking at wedding websites and saving ideas and pictures of dresses, I love imagining all the weddings I’d help happen.


Fact #2. I’m going to live on a farm someday. I would love to have two chickens and a pygmy goat (I’m afraid of full sized goats), and a sheep.


This was one of my Christmas gifts this year. It’s kind of pathetic how excited I was to receive it.

Fact #3. If you want to see me talk my head off and completely act like a geek, ask me about the Romanovs, how my book is going, or Nikola Tesla. Don’t ever talk to me about Thomas Edison.Image

Fact #4. I get a stupid amount of pride out of doing what I call ‘manly things’ like climbing trees and mowing the lawn and lifting heavy objects.


Or riding a four wheeler.

Fact #5. My biggest fear is being perceived as unintelligent. I’d be called weird or smelly or annoying or ugly or anything else in the world rather than be called dumb.

Fact #6. So never call me a dumb blonde, or heads will roll.

Fact #7. If I was decently talented at it, I’d be an actress. Judging from the Anne of Avonlea movies I made with my sisters when we were kids, (which are filled with take after take of me rolling on the floor with incurable giggle fits), an acting career is nowhere in my future.

Fact #8. I hate attention. The slightest hint that I will have to speak in front of a group or have eyes drawn to me and my mind goes instantly blank. Maybe it’s a mercy that I can’t act.

Fact #9. I impulsively rearrange all of my earthly belongings every few months. My bedroom has been rearranged in a dozen different ways in the past five years, and if I need to get up the motivation to do something big, I rearrange my room and it clears my head so I can concentrate.

Fact #10. I cry at anything the least bit touching. If any person in any movie, tv show, book, movie trailer (the list goes on and on) shows the least bit of poignant emotion, I guarantee you that I will tear up. Sometimes I cry when I’m writing a sad scene, and it is during those moments that I know I am meant to be a writer.

Please, please tell me all about yourself in the comments section, no matter who you are, I want to hear about you!

And please, listen to this: