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Movie Review: The Hobbit


(Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, or don’t want to have it ruined, stop reading now.)

I feel like I need to start off by saying that I loved the movie. I honestly loved the movie. I love Martin Freeman as Bilbo, and tell me I’m not the only girl who was intensely jealous of Thranduil’s ridiculous hair.

I thought that most of the tweaks they made were needed, because I accept that when you adapt a book, you’ve got to spice up the story or it would be superfluous because everyone who had read the book would know what was going to happen.

That being said, I really, really, really wish they hadn’t added in a love triangle.

I tried to buy it, I really did, but I just couldn’t help but cringe every time Fili gave Tauriel that look (you know, ‘the look’).

It’s not the love triangle in and of itself that I am against. By all means, I am all for romance. But to me, it just seemed more like infatuation trying to be sold as a romance, but it wasn’t romance.

Maybe I’m just oversensitive. I spent a few years of my life trying to write a good romance, and I always ended up hating my stories. I figured out later (after I had sworn off romance in my writing), that it was because I wasn’t developing my characters enough. If you don’t explain why two people are falling in love with each other, it just doesn’t work. So maybe that’s why I felt so acutely that the ‘romance’ between Kili and Tauriel was just painfully underdeveloped. Because if I’m watching a romance happen, I don’t want to take the writer’s word for it that they’re in love, I want them to show me. If they just meet and instantly start staring into each other’s eyes after having one hardly earth shattering conversation, I have a hard time buying it.

Take, for example, Aragorn and Arwen. They had a developed story (though you didn’t see all of it, you knew they actually had a history). For Pete’s sake, she would’ve given up immortality because she was so devoted to him. Next to that, Kili and Tauriel -a relationship between a dwarf and an elf that could’ve been so monumental -just strike me as kind of petty.

And now that I have had my rant, I have only three more words to say: Bard the Bowman.


Four more words: Be still my heart.

Really, as far as Bard is concerned, I would buy any storyline with him in it.

What did you all think of the movie?