Aaaand as of yet, I still have not gotten any time to write this week. I have, however, found the time to read 90% of the posts on YoungHouseLove (which brought me to the conclusion that I need to acquire a fixer-upper, stat), bake two pies, watch five episodes of Hart Of Dixie on Netflix (which brought me to the decision that I need to move to Alabama), wash five loads of laundry, run errands I’ve been putting off for weeks and go out for fish and chips.e39ec8907d6711e398f312d253216e43_8

Isn’t it funny how many things there are to do when you’re supposed to be doing something else?

But hey, I’ve got the rest of the week, and I’m planning on devoting all of tomorrow evening to kicking back with a warm glass of milk and my master plan.

b43022047aa411e3a5570e29e0bdbc01_8If you need me, I’ll just be locked away writing… Or maybe cooking gumbo or washing the car or shopping or reading or riding my bike. You never know what will come up when you’ve got other things to do!