Cleanses are no joke. I haven’t had junk food since last Friday, and let me tell you, I’m more addicted than I thought.

I have a few theories and scenarios that I mull over from time to time. One question I ponder a lot is ‘if I had the chance to experience all the pain my life will hold in one second and then have a pain-free life, would I do it?’

It’s a tough question, and it’s kind of a Schrodinger’s Cat scenario. One would think that all that pain would leave scars, but then, if you had already experienced all the pain of your lifetime, it would be impossible to have any unpleasantness left over. 

But the good times wouldn’t feel as sweet without the memory of the bad ones, so what would be the point of the good moments without perspective? 

Like I said, it’s a scenario that I turn over in my mind, and I still haven’t come to any conclusion, but right now (being sugar-free) I’m feeling so gross that I’m sure I’ll run out of icky feelings soon. And having saved up a lot of good ones, it’ll only be uphill from there. Until then I don’t think I’ll be having any thoughts deeper than, “Is that ice cream?”