Everybody knows the detrimental effects of technology; too much screen time can harm child development and negatively affect sleep cycles, right? But what about the ways it cuts down on important social contact?

And it’s a valid concern, because I can’t remember the last time I voluntarily used a cashier’s line when there was a functioning self-check out lane, and ten times out of ten I’ll purchase online if I can avoid venturing to an actual store.

Sometimes it scares me how much I cling to these modernities, not for their convenience but for avoiding human contact.

It’s something all introverts can identify with; the struggle between embracing the solitude that technology provides, and pushing out of the comfortable bubble that working from home, text messaging, and online shopping has lulled us into. “But I’m content here,” We tell ourselves, surrounded by enough belongings to sustain us through the apocalypse, “why would I need to leave the house?”

Most times I lose the battle, finding myself at home on a Saturday night, reading online articles about hygiene practices in the Middle Ages when, were my life void of technology, I most likely would’ve convinced myself to venture into the land of the living.

Sometimes technology is very bad for me.

Yet,there have been times that technology has helped me in places I never would’ve been able to help myself.

I’m prone to be much more outspoken through texting, more comfortable baring my true feelings because I know I can delete and rewrite until my message speaks my true thoughts. Technology certainly dulls social skills, but it also empowers introverts to express words and ideas they never would have spoken aloud.

Without technology I never would have found one of my best friends. Both our introverted personalities aside, we live thousands of miles apart and certainly wouldn’t have crossed paths if I hadn’t seen her witty ramblings online and struck up a friendship.

I’ve been inspired by the imaginations of strangers, moved to write some of my favorites of the pieces I’ve written. Had I never stumbled upon these people through the workings of signals and connections I still struggle to understand, my life would be void of so many beautiful thoughts I’ve cradled over the years.

That’s why I hesitate to throw out the bath water, because the baby inside is actually pretty nice to have around.

How about you? Are you a techie or would you be on board with a complete computer cleanse? Talk to me.